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A Theory and Treatment of Your Personality: A manual for change.

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Garry A. Flint, Ph.D.
Introduction by Dr. Joaquin Andrade

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Also, the book, Emotional Freedom, is available in Ebook format. This book is like a manual for Emotional Freedom Techniques written with clarity and fully illustrated.

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This book is written in a dialogue format illustrating the exchanges between the therapist (reader) and the subconscious. The reader both learns how to do the treatment method and often processes his or her own issues while reading the book. After reading the book, the reader in most cases can use the method on his or herself to treat target issues.

The Process Healing Method involves an education process. The method starts by teaching all aspects of your personality how the personality developed and how amnesic parts are created as a natural outcome of extreme trauma. The therapist or reader encourages the parts, if there are any, to join a treatment team. This is done by educating them about treating scary traumatic emotions without emotional flooding, hiding potentially damaging traumatic memories and joining with the main personality. While doing this, the therapist or reader stresses the benefits of joining the main personality and resolves all the barriers that prevent a part from joining the treatment team. Once all parts are on the treatment team, the therapist or reader teaches the subconscious the treatment process with a brief metaphor. In therapy, the therapist or reader then treats a phobia to show effectiveness of the treatment process. The patient or reader experiences the phobic fear to gradually subside in several minutes. This confirms the effectiveness of the treatment process in the patient's experience and therapy continues with treatment of parts or issues. This treatment method can be done over the telephone quite easily.

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Chapter 2 gives an outline of the essentials of the Process Healing Method and a sample script of the first session. Click here to go to the Chapter 2 web page or Click here to download the latest version of Chapter 2 (22page PDF file, 500 KB). After reading Chapter 2, you may want to read Chapter 3.

Chapter three gives step-by-step directions in the form of patient-reader discussion of all the benefits for treating parts and integrating them with the main personality. It includes discussion that usually resolves barriers that block getting parts on the treatment team. After all the reader's parts are on the treatment team, the therapist or reader gives the metaphor for the treatment process. Then the therapist or reader coaches the patient or reader to treat a phobia or a moderate emotional issue. The course teaching The Process Healing Method includes all safeguards to make the experience safe and to give complete respect to your parts. To start the course teaching The Process Healing Method on line Click here to transfer to the first page of The Process Healing course. Chapter 3 is a large file and may take time. Click here to download the latest Chapter 3 (56 pages, 2000 KB).

Do you have emotional stress or symptoms such as anxiety, phobias, fears, symptoms of PTSD, recurring negative thoughts, a traumatic history and an interest in teaching your inner-self or subconscious to how to treat your issues? Then, this site might be just the one for you. By using common sense, The Process Healing Method is respectful and safe to use and works quickly. There are eleven web pages in this self-healing course. By following directions, usually, you can get rapport with all aspects or parts of your personality. With rapport and after all aspects give permission, you teach the subconscious the healing process with a simple, brief metaphor.

Let me give a brief review of The Process Healing Method. This is not a hypnotic healing technique. With hypnosis, the use of metaphors in healing is not precise and direct suggestions can cause conflicts, both of which undermine the effectiveness of hypnosis. Process Healing is a method in which the author earns full cooperation from all aspects of the personality. Aspects are memories such as amnesic and dissociative parts, traumatic memories, and ego states. You get rapport by using a learning type analogy to explain some brain processes and the formation of the personality. You teach the subconscious the healing process without hypnosis. I encourage you to stay alert, awake and curious, of course, if you fall asleep, you wouldn't be reading. When all aspects of your personality want treatment, as assessed by ideomotor responses (finger movements) or in some other way, you read a simple metaphor that describes how to heal emotional pain. As you read to your subconscious, your subconscious learns. Then you can use your subconscious to heal all problematic learnings such as trauma memories, anxiety, stress, and depression. Further, subconscious treatment can become automatic, so your satisfaction and joy in life can gradually increase overtime with no effort. I base The Process Healing Method on a theory that takes the mystery out of your inner world by explaining how the conscious, the unconscious, and the subconscious minds formed and how they work. To help you decide whether you want continue to learn and use Process Healing for yourself or not or for your family and friends, the following information is available to help you decide. You can read what I learned from my patients that led me to discover Process Healing . One can use my history to introduce Process Healing to your patients.

If you have an interest in its theoretical basis, I based The Process Healing Method on learning theory and partially on chaos or complexity theory. I explain the theory on the theory web page. If you want to receive a description of The Process Healing Method before you take the course, you can click to the web page or click to download the PDF file. Remember, this is similar to a cognitive-behavioral therapy technique. It is a technique that simply educates all aspects of the personality about why it is good to heal old traumatic pain and to integrate with the primary or main personality. The first step is to get all aspects of the personality willing to work together, heal their traumatic memories, and join with the main personality. The patient stays awake for this process. With permission from the parts, you read a metaphor that teaches the subconscious how to heal the emotion memories associated with past traumatic experiences. But, some people have complex personalities that include amnesic parts. Parts are all normal, but learned in a sick environment while you did your best to escape or survive. Everyone has some amnesic parts formed by prebirth trauma, during birth, or later, in some severe trauma or illness experience. Process Healing, taught in eleven web pages and usually works with plain old dissociative processes that everyone has. It also works with amnesic parts active in the more complex Dissociative Identity Disorder, DID, which is the new label replacing Multiple Personality Disorder, MPD. During the course, all these aspects of your personality eventually join a treatment team of members who what to heal, work together, have their positive behaviors strengthened with positive emotions and integrate with the main personality. Top While this is written for the public, it contains all the details for therapists. The ordinary web surfer can read the instructions and most likely, by following the instructions carefully, have his or her subconscious learn the self-healing process. Though I don’t deliberately use hypnosis here, I use the hypnotic technique of ideomotor responses, which are finger responses used to communicate with your subconscious. You will learn this hypnosis technique online without going into trance. This approach to healing emotional issues allows you to work directly with past emotional traumatic experiences with all aspects of your personality joining in helpfully. With Process Healing, you can:

Getting rapport with all aspects of your personality.
Convince all aspects of your personality to want to
heal and become one with the main personality.
Teach your subconscious how to heal painful emotions.

Heal intrusive experiences, phobias, social fears. Get positive thoughts with automatic healing carried out by your subconscious. End an upset by asking your subconscious to heal it. To go to the Process Healing course Click Here. Top

The book, Emotional Freedom (Click to Review), does not teach Process Healing. Though the book has a chapter in which the subconscious is given suggestions about healing using Emotional Freedom Techniques, the book is mostly a manual for Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT). It teaches EFT in a simple, do-it-yourself method that can treat all kinds of issues. Many people have uncomplicated personalities and by just reading the simple autohealing suggestions offered in Emotional Freedom, it is possible to teach the treatment process to the subconscious.

For examples of using The Process Healing Method buy The Theory and Treatment of Your Personality: a manual for change. It is only about $16 and it has all you need to overcome barriers that could arise.

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